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A small team consisting of architectural, design and engineering departments built a hotel complex, 4 residences and 527 various houses in a short time, and they are engaged in almost everything: from preparing design and permit documentation and connecting to external engineering networks to landscaping and landscape design.

Sergey Rogachev, the founder of GREENMAX, tells about what is most important in this field of activity and how to assemble a dream team: source of this result. And, of course, this is a feeling of joy and a desire to “run away” and give 100% to achieve a common goal. After all, it is impossible to do well what you are not interested in doing. The last thing I would like is for team members to communicate with each other through memos, where you can say: “This is not part of my duties.” With us, any task is one way or another a common task, and it must be completed the way we like it, to the highest standard. But if we talk about a specific life hack that guarantees the appearance of a dream team, then I have to upset you – unfortunately, this has not yet been invented. One way or another, but Sergey was able to organize the work of his team in such a way that they are able to conduct simultaneous work on more than 18 objects! This includes construction, decoration, communications, and landscape.

Landscaping and interior design stand like a cast-iron bridge – the vast majority lives with such thoughts. But how much this most notorious bridge costs, few people were interested. By the way, it was built in Petrovsk across the Medveditsa River in the 19th century, and it still exists, the investment of merchants turned out to be profitable. Returning to GREENMAX: it is not necessary to be a merchant to build a modern house or order an engineering survey. If you are the same “merchant” and want to combine the incompatible in one territory, but to make it beautiful, then you can also trust this team of professionals. As an example: at the request of the customer, they managed to competently and efficiently place a helipad, a dry fountain, a tractor and a chicken coop in one project. And this is not an exhaustive list! But I, as the father of a three-year-old boy and the owner of a small summer cottage, were surprised by the photographs of the nursery
playground built on grass and sand. Is it safer than a special rubber crumb coating? I’ll try to ask the GREENMAX team: they definitely know the right answer.

Journal "All about the world of construction" No. 3 (33) 2023, pp. 62-64.
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